Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Poem 2010

Despairing, frustrated, she sat by the way
Her heart in confusion, her mind in turmoil
The evening turned to dusk, life'd no sunshine ray
Bitter, lonely, she knew no joy

Rising up, she strolled by the store
Her shoulders hung down, a visage of sadness
Carols leapt thru the frosty air; But her heart cried out for something more
For no Santas or Rudolphs, could her broken heart nurse

Christmas trees, candy sticks, holly and stars
Lined the streets and peeped from corners
Children laughed and boys shout "Hurrah!"
And she recalled, they were, too, once hers

Flipping through memory's pages
She saw herself, a cheerful little child
Sitting by the fire, free from fears
While her father told the story, loved so well

How years ago, a Savior was born
The King of glory, in hum'lity adorn
Came to earth on a cold, wretched morn

He was Heaven's most precious Gift
Worth far more than stars or galaxies
Heaven robbed for earth's doomed thieves

The Heir of the planets and universe
Into a speck of humanity immerse
And became a man like me, you, and others

O, that day of love in action
When the Creator joined His creation
And hopes found their realization

For the One who made life and time
Lovingly, entered its confines
And showed mercy in it's true kind

With glistening eyes and tear-drenched cheeks 
She sobbed quietly into her arms
Pleading with Christ her life to fix
And into her heart, His reign to come

Recalling stories of a Savior kind
Who must be near in this loneliness
She knew the Shepherd would for sick sheep find
And more so her on this eve of Christmas

She prayed her first prayer in many godless years
And spoke to her Father who loved her so
Then gone were her uncertainties and fears
For He loved her and healed her soul

Peace unknown flooded her being
The emotional turbulence within her ceased
For into her heart has come her King
To fill her life, with the gift of Jesus and hope and peace

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