Wednesday, September 30, 2009

King Jesus

Born in a stable
Laid in a manger
O, love infinite
And grace that sought me out
The King of glory, no sin to hide
There in the manger He lied
And left His glorious throne above

© 2010 The Poetry Wizard. All Rights Reserved.


Gratefulness at a meal table
Is like honey so dear
Just a word of thanks without mumbles
To the one who hears
Is like very precious pearls

© 2010 The Poetry Wizard. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hokkien-Baba 30th Anniversary Celebration

"Malam ini, malam gembira..."

"Ada Yesus, goa senang goa suka..."

And we present to you......our long-awaited, mysterious Ruby!


"Lu mou makan besair kah?"

"Nonalah nona zaman sekarang..."

The photos are up at last...(sighs)...They're two months old, lol. Read more about the HB Anniversary celebration at our upcoming HOKKIEN-BABA WEBSITE!!! YAY!

To GOD be the GLORY!!!