Monday, March 16, 2009

God's Handiwork

The handiwork of His hands
O, glorious is the sight
He made the sun to spin
So that all may see His might

Spinning and revolving
Giving light to all
An example of His love and light
So that all may hear His call

© 2010 The Poetry Wizard. All Rights Reserved.

Today and Tomorrow

A thought for today
A plan for tomorrow
A dream of today
An achievement of tomorrow

The rush of the present
The peace of the future
The outcry of the present
The laughter of the future

The joy gain today
A destruction of the future
Oh, war of today
Oh, goodness of tomorrow

© 2010 The Poetry Wizard. All Rights Reserved.

Family Noises

Daddy is working
Mommy is cooking
Sister is singing
Brother is reading
Baby is crying
Dog is barking
Cat is meowing
Mouse is whining
I am laughing

Daddy is hairy
Mommy is happy
Sister is cranky
Brother is messy
Baby is edgy
Dog is wobbly
Cat is silly
Mouse is wiggly
I am funny

Daddy says, "Preacher!"
Mommy says, "Cleaner!"
Sister says, "Nicer!"
Brother says, "Louder!"
Baby says, "Faster!"
Dog says, "Fiercer!"
Cat says, "Funnier!"
Mouse says, "Cheesier!"
I say, "Noisier!"

Daddy is calling
Mommy is scolding
Sister is giggling
Brother is bragging
Baby is chattering
Dog is yelping
Cat is whining
Mouse is squeaking
I am teaching

© 2010 The Poetry Wizard. All Rights Reserved.