Monday, April 27, 2009

Blessed Father's Day

I wrote this poem in 2007 for our church's Father's Day Luncheon. Notice that the last 2 paragraphs are haiku with a syllable pattern of 1st line- 5, 2nd line- 7, 3rd line- 5. I've edited the last paragraph so it's a little different from when it was presented.

You were there when I was glad
You were with me when I was sad
You correct me when I was bad
Thank you very much, dad.

You taught me what was right
You guide me in what was right
You taught me everyday God's Word is right
Thank you very much, dad.

Thank you dear papa
I wouldn't be here today
Had it not been you

Keep on with it, pa
Three cheers pa, this special day
To my special dad.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

River:My Life

Sometimes a day is like a storm,
Someday a ship is torn in shreds,
Sometimes a gusty wind blow,
Over big boulders and narrow canyons my water runs.

Sometimes not a wave in sight,
Someday here come I floating by,
Sometimes a gentle breeze past,
Over the waters my soul gently sway.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jesus' Death and Resurrection

They chose a murderer
They killed a King
They'd rather have an evil doer
Than be led by a righteous King

They cast Him off
Even to the very last
His closest friends stood afar off
Yet He did not yield to the last

They whipped Him
And mocked Him
Till the skies dim
They refused to serve Him

Till on that cross
As Jesus died
The thief overwhelm by the love on the cross
With Him died

Till on that cross
When Jesus was pierced
The centurion looked upon the cross
And saw His loving face without a hatred fierce

That chaotic day
Ended with tears
His life He lay
To be painfully pierce

He gave His life
All because of love
To offer us eternal life
So that we may abide in His love

And on that third and glorious day
When the women came
His body in the grave no longer lay
For He has risen all the same

Jesus has risen
He rose for me
Our lives are turned
Because of the Light we now see

Jesus lives
He lives forevermore
And to everyone who believes
Live forevermore

Jesus ascended
He ascended to the Father
He took all our pain and hurts
And He's now with the Father

Jesus is returning
I know He's returning
Jesus is coming
I know for me He's coming

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

This poem was one of the selected winners for the Joy of Christmas contest on YMIblogging in 2008.

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