Monday, April 27, 2009

Blessed Father's Day

I wrote this poem in 2007 for our church's Father's Day Luncheon. Notice that the last 2 paragraphs are haiku with a syllable pattern of 1st line- 5, 2nd line- 7, 3rd line- 5. I've edited the last paragraph so it's a little different from when it was presented.

You were there when I was glad
You were with me when I was sad
You correct me when I was bad
Thank you very much, dad.

You taught me what was right
You guide me in what was right
You taught me everyday God's Word is right
Thank you very much, dad.

Thank you dear papa
I wouldn't be here today
Had it not been you

Keep on with it, pa
Three cheers pa, this special day
To my special dad.

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