Saturday, January 30, 2010

CHRISTmas 2009

Merry X'mas
Proclaim the flyers

A season for laughing
A time for giving

We are celebrating
Because everyone is doing

But what is X'mas
Why is there cheer

Though everyone's merry
Isn't there worry

Broken homes
Overwhelming loans

Hangs in the air
With many other cares

Come, hear the true story
Listen, you tired and weary

A long time ago
In Bethlehem of old
Far out there in the cold
Some shepherds were told

By angels in the sky
Singing there on high
That somewhere here the Saviour lie
One day, in this world to die

So eagerly they came
Shepherds who were poor and faint
Seeking not riches gain
But a King who'd bear their pain

Searching high and low
They found Him not in gold
Bur where cattle low
O, joy that filled their soul

Giving Him their adoration
Their hearts and acclamation
They rose with jubilation
And left, His Name in declaration

For into their hearts He came
And there to rule and reign
O, the joy they'd gain
No earthly words explain

So hear, all you people
Hearken, all you hearers

For this is CHRISTmas
The birth of Jesus

Our reason for praising
Our purpose for rejoicing

So let CHRISTmas this year
Be filled with cheer

No earthly pleasure compare
To His love and care

As He brings you joy
In all your toil

So, come let us share and sing
The Joy of CHRISTmas Jesus brings

© 2010 The Poetry Wizard. All Rights Reserved.

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