Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Shepherd

The Shepherd's calling,
Will you answer?
He saves the failing,
Indeed, He's near!

Oh, lift up your voice,
And call to Him;
He knows your toils,
Though it mayn't seem.

He wants to help,
Will you be still?
And let Him help,
Your sorrows heal?

He's just a prayer,
Away from you;
Cast all your cares,
Many and the few.

He knows your pain,
He sees your shame;
Prayer's not in vain,
Praise be His Name!

He'll lift you up,
And help you stand;
He'll with you sup,
Strong is His hand!

His Name is Jesus,
The Prince of Peace;
Son of Righteousness,
I am His!

Holy, faithful, and true,
Grace, mercy, and peace,
Last and the first,
That's who my Lord is!

Life's a speckle
To eternity;
When it's over,
Jesus I see!

© 2010 The Poetry Wizard. All Rights Reserved.

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